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The Tehillim (Psalms) Circle

Psalms (Hebrew: Tehilim, תהילים, or "praises") is one of the books of the TANACH, the Jewish Bible, an is included in the collected works known as the "Writings" or Ketuvim. These beautiful ancient prayers were written by notable poets of Jewish History, including Adam, Moses, and King David.

One hundred and fifty psalms or as it is referred to, "Pirkei Tehillim" (chapters of Tehillim) make up the book. Pirkei Tehillim are said daily by observant Jews, not only directly from the compiled book, but chapters of Tehillim are part and parcel of daily, Sabbath, and holiday prayers. For example "Ashrei," is read during Shacharit (morning prayer), Micha (afternoon prayer) and Maariv (evening prayer). "Kabbalat Shabbat," the prayer welcoming the Jewish Sabbath, is comprised of Psalms 9599, 29, 92, and 93.

And then, there are the traditional"Psalm for the Day" read daily after the morning service (starting Sunday, Psalms: 24, 48, 82, 94, 81, 93, 92).

Throughout our history, the recitation of the Tehillim inspires and serves as a reminder of the role God plays in our lives, and provides us with a communication vehicle with God as we plead for his merciful intervention on behalf of those wanting and facing financial, medical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Tehillim is also chanted by many brides under the canopy, and by those keeping watch over a body, before and until burial service.

Many Jews recite the complete the Book of Psalms on a weekly or monthly basis. Psamls are recited in synagogues and schools, as communal prayer is powerful and uplifting. In some synagogues, Pirkei Tehillim chanted for the security of the State of Israel at the conclusion of the Shabbat and Holidays morning prayers.

There are Jews who recite the entire book of Psalms daily or on the Sabbath, while others follow the accepted division of the book into seven daily sections. And others yet, in cooperation in a community of Jews effort, divide up the psalms between them to allow for a complete reading of the book.

With the advent of electronic communications, many Tehillim "lists" of names of people in need, whether financial, social (such as finding the right mate), and physical, are circulated, so that as many Jews pray for them as possible. The "names" on the list are actually the Hebrew name of person in need, and the Hebrew name of his or her mother. i.e. Yaakov ben Leah or Rivka Chana bat Sarah.

MazorGuide is proud to facilitate a Tehillim Circle. If you would like the prayers of others for you or your loved ones, or would like to join our group, please email to

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