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Jewish Communities around the Globe: An Overview

The story of Jewish communities around the world begins in 587 B.C.E. when the kingdom of Judea was conquered by the Babylonians. The Babylonians destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and a large segment of the Jewish population was forced to leave and resettle in Babylonia (now southern Iraq).

Since then, a significant number of Jews live in the Diaspora, despite a national pastime of expressing longing to return to the Land of Israel. The dispersion of Jews around the globe created an interesting diversity among a people still bound by common religion, heritage, and culture. Jewish communities exist outside of Israel in the far reaches of the globe; from north to south America, across Europe, in the far east, Africa, and down-under.

Currently the global Jewish community is approximately 13 to 14 million strong of which over eight million live in the Diaspora.

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Jewish Communities - Israel
The modern state of Israel has its historical/religious roots in the Biblical Land of Israel. Population today more than 75% Jewish.
Jewish Communities - United States
The first Jewish community was established in North America (New Amsterdam) by 23 Jewish refugees. And today? Read more.
Jewish Communities - Canada
Jews were first allowed to settle in Canada after it passed from French to British hands in the second half of the 18th century.
Jewish Communities - Europe
Jewish History in Europe dates back to the Roman Empire period when they were displaced after the Bar Kokhba revolt.
Jewish Communities - Latin America
Jewish history in Latin America dates back to Christopher Columbus times in 1492, later establishing communities.
Jewish Communities - Far East
There are about two billion people in the far east but only about 2000 Jews total in Japan; Manila; Hong Kong; and Singapore
Jewish Communities - Africa
Jews history in Africa dates back to ancient times. Nowadays the major Jewish communities are in South Africa.
Jewish Communities - Australia and New Zealand
Jewish history in Australia began in 1788 when Jewish convicts numbered among the first European settlers.

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