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Living Jewish: Jewish by Choice

Want to learn more about Jewish life?
Want to uncover the human side of Judaism?
Thinking about converting?
Have questions about your heritage?
Are you Jewish, but not sure what it means?
Can it be that you are Jewish?

In the United States there are more than 200,000 people who converted to Judaism.  This despite the fact that Judaism today, unlike Christianity and Islam, is NOT a proselytizing religion, and generally does not reach out to non-Jews to join its ranks. Unlike other faiths, Judaism believes that the righteous of all faiths have a place in the afterlife.  However, though not actively recruiting, Judaism is open to conversions.  A Jewish conversion is not only a religious act but an expression of association with the Jewish people.

Conversion to Judaism consists of a process of activities, studies and commitments, undertaken by a non-Jewish person who wishes to be recognized as a full member of the Jewish community.  A formal conversion is also undertaken when the there is doubt about one's "Jewishness," in terms of his matrilineal decent.

The story varies, the characters are different, the geographical location may be continents apart, but the facts remain similar. It's a story of assimilation and attempts to leave one's Jewish heritage behind. It's a story of oppressed Jews who were afraid to practice their Judaism, who may have sought refuge in other faiths or cultural assimilation, hoping to escape pogroms and anti-Semitism. These choices of some resulted in inter-marriage and a loss of a connection to rich and ancient heritage.

Interestingly, many born to families of shrouded pasts in terms origins and heritage, find a Jewish connection. Some direct, which enables them, should they so desire, to join the Jewish community as full fledged members. Others who cannot prove their lineage, have the choice of conversion, and the option of garnering a Jewish identity by choice.

A person who believes he or she is Jewish but cannot prove Jewish origins may be considered a "Saffek Yisrael." This term which means that "there is evidence to conclude that this person is Jewish, though NOT without a shadow of a doubt," is attributed to those in doubt of heritage. With a Saffek Yisrael, it is incumbent upon a Bait Din (Jewish court) to do everything possible to facilitate that person's return to Judaism. Today, there are a few Jewish courts that have a better understanding of this difficult issue.

Conversion to Judaism can be obtained with the assistance of rabbis in the three major streams of Judaism.  It must be noted, however, that only orthodox conversions are accepted by all. MazorGuide, in line with its policy, will provide information regarding conversions by the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform denominations.  Coming soon...

If you are thinking of conversion to Judaism or if you are searching for your Jewish roots, and are trying to find out what it means to live a more traditional or observant life, and want information beyond what is offered on these pages (which will be enhanced and enriched), please feel free to contact us at


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