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Living Jewish: GET (Gett) - the Jewish Divorce

Divorce, "GET" (גט, plural gittim or gittin גיטין) is accepted as part of Jewish Life.  In fact, in the Talmud, the tractate of "Gittin" which details the process of divorce appears before tractate "Kidushin," the tractate that contains the laws of marriage.  This, the sages say, is to teach us a fundamental principle in Torah thought; God introduces the cure before the onset of the affliction.  When a marriage does not work out, there is a way out.

However a broken marriage is a sad affair.  So sad that Talmud states "Kol hamegaresh et ishto harishonah, afilu hamizbeach morid alav demaot" When a man divorces his first wife, even the altar sheds tears. (Tractate Gittin).

Indeed, though the Torah recognizes situations where divorce may be necessary, until recent times the stigma attached to divorce was so great that it was used only as as a last resort, after all other options failed.

As in all other issues pertaining to Jewish life, divorce and the process of obtaining a Get is dependent on perspective and interpretation.  Here at Mazor Guide, we will bring to you the views on Jewish divorce/Get of the three major denominations.  Orthodox, Conservative and Reform.

   Jewish Divorce: The Get (Gett) Text in Hebrew and English
   Resources and Information for Obtaining Jewish Divorce (Get)

   Jewish Divorce: Orthodox Perspective
      The Get Procedure: Obtaining a Jewish Divorce
      Marital Assets and Alimony
      Custody and Child Support
      Agunah Issues
      Getting a "Get."  The last resort. by Daniel Hadar

   Jewish Divorce: Conservative Perspective
      The Get Procedure: Obtaining a Jewish Divorce
      Marital Assets and Alimony
      Custody and Child Support
      Agunah Issues

   Jewish Divorce: Reform Perspective
      Is a Get Necessary: by Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser


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