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MazorGuide Home > Living Jewish > Jewish Divorce (the Get)

Get Help Obtaining GET
Information and Resources

  - United States
  - Canada
  - Israel
  - United Kingdom

Information and Resources in the United States
Agunah International 
498 E 18th St 
Provides its own beit din which is extremely proactive in granting gitten to agunot when other rabbinical courts fail to do so. Also provides counseling and financial assistance to agunot in need.

GET Assistance Project of the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG)
A not-for-profit law firm in New York City, providing free civil legal assistance to people who live with domestic violence and seek a divorce. 
212-750-0800 x613

G.E.T.; Getting Equitable Treatment 
Box 131 
Provides confidential assistance in obtaining a Get. Services include information about Jewish divorce, referrals to rabbinic courts and agencies, community education and case management. G.E.T. assigns an impartial agent who will aid in mobilizing community members to apply social pressure on a recalcitrant spouse.

The International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW)
advocacy for the rights of agunot.
Visit their website for information about their programs. 
(44-20) 73-88-83-11

The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA)
Offers a thorough guide to the process of getting a get, a glossary and extensive reference material about Jewish law and the problems of agunot.
520 8th Ave, 4th Floor 
New YorkNY10018 

A not-for-profit organization based in Brooklyn, NY that helps women obtain gitten.
There is no charge for their services.
1202 Ave J 

The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA)
A social service agency that works with agunot, rabbis, and battei din to expedite the process of obtaining a get.
PO Box 327 
New YorkNY10040 

Beth Din of America 
305 Seventh Ave, 12th Floor 
New YorkNY10001 
Provides rabbinical court services for affiliated and unaffiliated Jews, as well as the entire spectrum of the Orthodox community in their Beth Din needs. Some of their many services are  issuing of a Get, in accordance with Jewish law, adjudicating financial disputes related to divorce proceedings and adjudicating other end of marriage determinations.  

Jewish Law 
Provides web-based information resources which illustrates the interaction between Jewish law (Halacha) and secular law. JLaw has legal briefs, articles as well as case studies  on Jewish divorce and the Get throughout he world.  

L'maan Bnos Yisrael International, Marilyn Mattie Klein 
1375 Coney Island Ave 
Provides resources and assistance for Agunot and their children. L'maan conducts outreach and sponsors Awareness Days such as Agunah Tehillim Day.  

Information and Resources in Canada
Canadian Coalition of Jewish women for the Get 
Provides advocacy on lobbying to improve Get laws as well as a fund to pay for Gets for women who need financial assistance. The Coalition operates helplines which provide information about the Get process.
Jewish Divorce Helplines:
- Calgary, Alberta: 403.253.8600 x256
- Edmonton, Alberta: 780.488.0234
- Montreal, Quebec: 514.731.2365
- Toronto, Ontario: 416.782.7999
- Winnipeg, Manitoba: 204.992.2762.

Get Help 
PO Box 33097 
HalifaxNova ScotiaB3L 4T6 

Information and Resources in Israel
Mavoi Satum 
194 Ad Itarutzim 
Provides emotional, legal and financial assistance for Agunot such as child care, rent and utilities. Other services include referral network to lawyers, religious leaders, judges, social workers and activists, community outreach, advocacy and education, support groups and empowerment workshops.

I.C.A.R.: International Coalition for Aguna Rights 
PO Box 68131 
Jerusalem 91680 
Hosts conferences, to advocate and bring awareness to agunot.

International Jewish Women's Human Rights Watch 
13 Tel Hai Street 
Jerusalem 92107 
Documents the human rights violations of women in Jewish communities all over the world. Maintains a central data base  of women who have been denied the right to marry.

IWN: Israel Women's Network 
Beit HaTurkiz, 33 Pierre Koenig St, Talpiot 
Jerusalem 93479 
(Sun, Mon, Thurs) 17:00-19:00 hours 
Hotline provides legal advice as well as information and referrals. IWN advocates on behalf of women to advance their status in Israel and to implement a feminist agenda of justice and equality.

Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women 
Bar Ilan University Law School 
Provides research and training of law students about problems of agunot.

The Crisis Center for Religious Women 
PO Box 10207 
1202 (women) 1203 (men) 
Operates a 24-hour hotline service for women through Israel including services for Ethiopian and Russian populations. Provides advice, emotional support for battered women and agunot. Offers educational workshops on domestic violence, including workshops for children and teenagers.

Yad L'isha (The Max Morison Legal Aid Service and Hotline) 
31 Leib Yaffe Street 
Jerusalem 93390 
972-(0)2-678-0876 in Jerusalem 
011-972-3-695-899 in Tel Aviv 
Offers assistance to Israeli women in legal matters pertaining to the process of obtaining a get. Clients are offered legal advice as well as representation in the Rabbinical Courts.

Information and Resources in the United Kingdom
International Council of Jewish Women 
(44-171) 388.8311
Represents 52 women's organizations in 47 countries around the world working on social justice issues, including advocating for agunot.

Agunah Research Unit 
University of Manchester, Oxford Road 
ManchesterEnglandM13 9PL 
Conducts Halakhic research into possible global solutions to the problem of get refusal.

Agunot Campaign 
121 Devonport, 23 Southwick St 
LondonEnglandW2 2QH 
Offers help and support to agunot and makes contact with relevant batei din; organizes demonstrations/vigils.

Agunot Anonymous Educational Foundation 
2 Egerton Gardens 
Hendon, LondonEnglandNW4 
Provides a confidential support group for agunot in the UK.

Getting Your Get 
London, England 
Provides information for Jewish men and women in England, Wales and Scotland about divorce according to Jewish law with articles, forms and explanations for lawyers

The Agunot Campaign 
62 Bayswater Road 
LondonW2 3PH 
Acts as a support group and a task force comprised of rabbis, volunteers, mediators and legal experts whose mission is to serve as a forum for investigating possible new Jewish law approaches as well as coordination of practical strategies to deal with individual cases of agunot.

Agunot Anonymous Yakar Educational Foundation 
2 Egerton Gardens 
Hendon, LondonNW4 
Provides support and group services for agunot.

Jewish Marriage Council (JMC) 
23 Ravenshurst Ave 
LondonNW4 4EE 
Get Advice: Works with the religious courts in the UK to assist clients in removing obstructions to receiving or giving  Get. Get Clinic: Expands on the work of the advisory service by working in closer contact with the legal profession as well as prevention services.

Get Befriending Jewish Marriage Council of Manchester 
85 Middleton Rd 
ManchesterM8 4JY 
Provides support service for those trying to obtain a Get.

United Kingdom - Rabbinical Courts which provide Gets 
- Beth Din of Federation Synagogues 
65 Watford Way 
LondonNW4 3AQ 
- Sephardi Beth Din 
2 Ashworth Rd 
LondonW9 1JY 
- Leeds Beth Din 
411 Harrogate Rd 
LeedsLS17 6BY 
- London Beth Din 
735 High Rd 
North Finchley; LondonN12OUS 
- Manchester Beth Din 
435 Cheetham Hill Rd 
ManchesterM8 7PF 
- Orthodox Caucus 
2520 Amsterdam Ave Suite 306 
New YorkNY10033 
Provides website which contains information on the halakhic validity and usage of the RCA halakhic pre-nuptial document.

   Jewish Divorce: The Get (Gett) Text in Hebrew and English
   Resources and Information for Obtaining Jewish Divorce (Get)

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      Marital Assets and Alimony
      Custody and Child Support
      Agunah Issues
      Getting a "Get."  The last resort. by Daniel Hadar

   Jewish Divorce: Conservative Perspective
      The Get Procedure: Obtaining a Jewish Divorce
      Marital Assets and Alimony
      Custody and Child Support
      Agunah Issues

   Jewish Divorce: Reform Perspective
      Is a Get Necessary: by Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser


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