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The Cultural Jew, What is that?
There are actually two Jewish Cultures, thoroughly intertwined and inextricable from one another, yet distinct. Each vibrant, powerful, vivid, and mind-boggling in depth, range and scope, and the opulence of  ideas, vision, and creativity.

The first, the Religious Jewish Culture, based on a vast body of written works that include the Tanach (Torah, Nevi-im/Prophets, and Ktuvim), the Mishna, the The Talmud, and the tremendous assemblage of commentary, legend (agadah), halachah (Jewish law), and philosophical compositions.

The second, the Secular Jewish Culture, consists of literature, art, film, theater, music, etc. that is not religion based, but rather stems from Jewish experience and from the Jewish people's interaction and intermingling with the world around them. 

The geographical dissemination of the Jewish people and the subsequent establishment of Jewish communities the world over, renders the notion of "Jewish Culture," more complex, as Jewish thinking, habits and preferences were and continue to be influenced, impacted and shaped by the societies in which they dwell.  Thus we have the major differentiation of the Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions, and the further fragmentation within, i.e. Galitzyaners, Litvaks, Chassidim, Mitnagdim, Yemenites, Spanish, Moroccans, and more.  And then of course, there is language.  Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and an assortment of dialects.

It is a tall order to integrate and include all or even most facets of Jewish Culture, and practically impossible.  Yet, is undertaking this ambitious course, and beginning this journey one step at a time.  It may be daunting just glimpsing at the enormous scope of Jewish Culture, but also exhilarating, since whenever the muse hits us, there is always something to learn and to write about.

This is also an opportunity for those who wish to see their work in print (virtual as it may be). An invitation is hereby extended to you to send in your thoughts, ideas, compositions, and commentary. 

Mazornet, Inc., and ("Mazornet") reserve the right to determine the suitability of material sent in, and only publish works it deems appropriate and relevant. Authors grant Mazornet a non-exclusive rights to publish their work.

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