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Jewish Life: Tradition and Culture

Jewish Culture, what does that mean?
Reading, learning, seeking knowledge is a constant and lasting Jewish value.  And thus, inextricable from the adopted geographical influences and the cultural affiliation of any and all Jewish communities around the globe, is deep regard and reverence for the written word. 

The publications that will be included under "Jewish Life: Tradition and Culture" will contain stories or cover issues pertaining to daily life and daily experiences, influenced covertly or overtly by their Jewish connection.

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Religious Thought, Spiritual Life
 --- One People, Two Worlds: A Reform Rabbi and an Orthodox Rabbi Explore the Issues That Divide Them  by Ammiel Hirsh, Yosef Reinman (Schocken 2002)
 --- Zen Judaism: For You, a Little Enlightenment by David M. Bader (Harmony 2002)

Culture with a Jewish Twist
Bee Seasonby Myla Goldberg (Anchor 2001)
 --- Biblical Beauty: Ancient Secrets and Modern Solutions by Rachelle Weisberger (Anbern Press 2011)

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