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Book Review: Biblical Beauty

Biblical Beauty by Rachelle Weisberger (Published:May 2011)

In Hebrew the Old Testament is referred to as Torah, derived from the same root as "Hora-ah" - teachings.  Indeed in addition to  rules of observance, the Torah also provides a fabulous guide to everyday healthy living.

Rachelle Weisberger, in Biblical Beauty captures this very sentiment. Discover another perspective of the Jewish Matriarchs while your learn their ancient secrets and apply them to your life, as modern solutions.

From the Back Cover
Biblical Beauty delivers well-researched, multifaceted wisdom about being more beautiful. Renowned beauty expert Rachelle Weisberger redefines what is beautiful through the iconic women of the Hebrew Bible by exploring the underlying relationship between their physical attributes and hidden inner qualities, interwoven with their individual spirituality. Weisberger shares her knowledge in the art of makeup and skin care, introducing a beauty routine based on healthy habits and mindful choices. With these secrets from your ancient forebears, you'll enjoy a modern celebration of beauty in your own life. You will:

Expand Your Ideas About the True Nature of Beauty
Enjoy Practical Advice and Beauty Tips No Matter What Your Age
Find Your Unique Intrinsic Beauty
Discover Beautification Methods of Ancient Civilizations
Gain New and Valuable Insight into the Lives of Biblical Women

About the Author
Rachelle Weisberger is a talented painter and a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist and skin care specialist. Her career in the beauty industry has spanned more than two decades and has included creating her own line of holistic cosmetics. She expanded her expertise to the medical field serving as staff cosmetologist for a major plastic surgery and dermatology center in northern New Jersey, specializing in camouflage makeup for problem skin, post-cosmetic surgery and cancer patients. As the beauty director of a chain of women's fitness centers, Weisberger introduced an integrated beauty, health and fitness program. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States giving seminars, consulting and sharing her expertise.

Since 1984, Weisberger has been a member of the New York Society of Women Artists and the Contemporary Artists Guild and has exhibited her paintings in the New York tri-state area.

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